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Homepro Pest Control

Homepro Pest Control is a highly-rated pest control provider in Ontario and Quebec. The company stands out with its comprehensive solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The services include the extermination and control of common pests, all delivered with a commitment to environmental friendliness and humane methods. Advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment ensure effective and long-lasting results.


Pest Control

Unique Challenges

Inter-provincial sales tax reporting in Canada is challenging due to varying tax rates, regulations, and filing requirements across provinces. As a company operating in Ontario and Quebec, Homepro Pest Control must accurately track and report sales tax, maintain detailed records, and ensure their accounting systems can handle these diverse tax scenarios.

Car fleet accounting requires accurate tracking of vehicle-related expenses such as fuel, maintenance, insurance, and depreciation. The company must make complex decisions to manage operating and capital leases as well as vehicle purchases and ensure compliance with tax regulations and reporting requirements.

Furthermore, the firm is actively pursuing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) opportunities, which presented several accounting complexities and challenges. These challenges include accurately valuing assets like customer contracts, addressing potential liabilities, integrating financial systems, and consolidating financial statements. The integration of financial systems and ensuring consistent accounting practices between merged/amalgamated entities can be complex, necessitating careful alignment of policies and procedures. Additionally, managing and reporting goodwill, testing for and recognizing impairments, when applicable, and navigating tax implications require meticulous attention to detail and a unique set of skills.

AZ Accounting Solution

Effective communication and coordination between AZ Accounting and the management teams were essential for overcoming M&A complexities and ensuring a seamless integration of all moving pieces, such existing data ecosystems, accounting records, and policies.

Inter-provincial sales taxes require robust systems and knowledgeable staff to avoid errors and penalties and ensure accurate and timely tax filings. AZ Accounting continuously reviews frequent changes in tax laws and rates. AZ Accounting also provides a comprehensive review of financial data to ensure accurate classifications.

AZ Accounting collaborates with the management team to implement a distinct process for tracking leased and purchased vehicles. Each new lease is evaluated to classify it as either operating or capital, ensuring compliance with current accounting standards.

Success Factors

  • Tailored services to meet the client’s unique needs
  • Comprehensive accounting, payroll, and advisory services offered by AZ Accounting
  • M&A-specific accounting and tax experience
  • Effective collaboration and document-management solutions
  • Thorough research and knowledge of the sector and tax regulations
  • Management’s receptiveness to our recommendations

What the Client Says

We have been very happy with the level of service from AZ Accounting. They have an excellent team that is responsive, professional and extremely knowledgeable. They are very easy to work with and we highly recommend their services!

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