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Iversta Rentals Inc.

Iversta is a premier car rental service that provides high-quality vehicles and exceptional customer service. Based in a convenient location near Toronto Airport, Iversta offers a diverse fleet of well-maintained vehicles to meet the varying needs of its clientele. Whether for business travel, family vacations, or special events, Iversta Car Rentals ensures a seamless rental experience with competitive pricing and flexible rental terms.


Car rental

Unique Challenges

Like other car rental companies, Iversta faces numerous accounting challenges, including managing the depreciation of the vehicle fleet, accurately recognizing revenue from various rental periods and services, and navigating complex tax regulations and lease accounting standards, which adds further complexity.

The seasonality of the car rental sector puts additional pressure on cash flow management. Effective cash flow management is crucial to maintain operations and cover unexpected expenses. Companies must also handle foreign currency transactions, manage customer receivables to ensure timely payments, and accurately account for insurance costs and claims. Compliance with accounting standards requires robust internal systems.

Fleet replacement requires additional procedures to accurately classify the vehicle as owned or leased, account for depreciation recoveries, manage inter-company transactions, monitor financing covenants, and comply with HST regulations.

AZ Accounting Solution

To address the accounting challenges Iversta faces, AZ Accounting provides a comprehensive suite of tools and strategies. Our accounting software streamlines fleet management, automates depreciation schedules, and ensures precise fleet costing. Inter-company transactions are continuously cross-referenced to prevent balance discrepancies. Additionally, AZ Accounting ensures compliance with accounting standards by regularly updating accounting practices and adhering to auditor’s recommendations.

Success Factors

  • Solutions and needs tailored to the client and car rental sector
  • Comprehensive accounting services offered by AZ Accounting
  • Expertise in mergers and acquisition procedures
  • Effective collaboration and document management solutions
  • Thorough research and knowledge of car rental and sales, and tax regulations
  • Management’s receptiveness to our recommendations

What the Client Said

Great company with professional approach and reliable service. We are happy to work with them for last few years after changing about 10 accountants.

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