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Jain Immigration Law

Jain Immigration Law, founded by one of Canada’s leading immigration lawyers, specializes in providing expert legal guidance and personalized support for all immigration matters. Their experienced team of attorneys is dedicated to assisting individuals and families in navigating the complexities of immigration law and providing services for business immigration, family-based immigration, citizenship and permanent residency.



Unique Challenges

Jain Immigration Law faces several accounting challenges, including accurately managing client billing, which can become complex with the comprehensive list of services provided across Canadian and US immigration law and retainer arrangements. Maintaining compliance with trust accounting rules to safeguard client funds is critical while managing operational expenses and overhead costs requires diligent oversight. The company must navigate the intricacies of tax compliance and simultaneously adhere to policies set by regulatory bodies. Cash flow management is also crucial to ensure liquidity amidst irregular income patterns and trust limitations. Adopting robust accounting systems to integrate these functions seamlessly while ensuring data security and confidentiality is essential for effective financial management.

AZ Accounting Solution

Several solutions were implemented to address the accounting challenges. Two separate data portals generate financial information: the internal practice management software, which tracks billings and manages client files, and the accounting software, which converts the data from the practice management system into financial reports. The processes established by AZ Accounting ensure continuous data integration without impacting confidential areas of the client’s practice. The array of tools used for accounting includes monthly client trust reconciliation, revenue reporting, foreign currency translation, and payroll processing. Up-to-date management reports provide valuable insight for the Management team. The reports are used for strategic decision-making and to evaluate the company’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

Success Factors

  • Customized accounting procedures to meet client’s requirements
  • Close working relationship with the Management
  • Regulatory compliance and thorough sector research
  • Technology and innovation implementation
  • Management’s receptiveness to our recommendations
  • Effective collaboration and document management solutions

What the Client Said

I have been very impressed by the initial suggestions to streamline bookkeeping, such as recommending corporate credit cards in different currencies for Canadian and US expenses. The responsiveness is very much appreciated and the team has proactively strategized and in one specific example, saved me significant funds.

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