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Be Honest with Yourself

June 17, 2021
Canada Accountant

You aren’t a bookkeeper. You don’t want to be a bookkeeper. You never thought you’d be spending your evenings or weekends trying to figure out if an item is HST exempt or looking for lost receipts. But here you are. It’s November 2021 and you haven’t reconciled your business bank and credit card accounts all year… again.

You can wait until the beginning of next year and deal with it when you’re feeling under pressure. But that’s like waiting to change back to your snow tires after the first blizzard of the winter.

Or you can take charge now and deal with it now. Contact us for a free no obligation quote

  • We use the latest technologies that go far beyond paper-based record keeping and calculators. There is nothing for you to download and nothing for you to learn. And our cloud-based systems ensure your data is backed up with regular frequency.
  • All work output prepared by our team is either prepared by a CPA student or is overseen by a CPA. And we do NOT outsource to offshore staff – all work is performed in Canada at competitive wages.
  • As a professional CPA firm, our senior team is available to provide guidance, advise and prepare your corporate and/or personal tax returns. We are a full-service firm.
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